HisChosen Open Door West Point Privacy Policy

HisChosen does store some of your user data if you choose to sign-in (which is optional), specifically:

  • Your name. This is stored just for display and form field auto-population purposes. If you sign in with Google, your name and email address is only pulled and stored from your Google account the first time you sign-in. Thereafter, you can change / manage these details within HisChosen itself independent of your Google settings.
  • Your email address. This is stored for form field auto-population purposes and to send you emails (for example, for password reset and data verification purposes).

HisChosen does require you to grant it access to certain scopes:

  • There are some unrestricted scopes for providing your name and email address from Google.
  • There is one restricted scope (YouTube) which allows HisChosen to communicate to YouTube via their Data API allowing liking of YouTube videos and subscribing to YouTube channels from within the app itself.

HisChosen does not require you to sign-in at all. You can use it anonymously if you choose, however, certain features (as mentioned above) would not be accessible to you. Any public information, such as YouTube videos, Church details and contact information, will be available to all users, authenticated / signed-in or anonymous.

Please note that should you no longer wish any information about you to be stored by HisChosen (for example, if you are no longer a member of the Church or a HisChosen user), it is your responsibility to either delete you account directly or email the support team a written request to remove your data to beardedbearsoftware@gmail.com and they will remove the data in question.

HisChosen also complies with basic POPIA requirements, please refer to https://popia.co.za/ for more information.

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