Welcome to HisChosen Open Door West Point

HisChosen is a community-based app for Christian churches. Currently, it provides the following functionality for any users (whether they are signed in or not):

  • Viewing all of the YouTube playlists and videos for the Church’s channel.
  • Viewing basic information about the Church, such as their location, purpose, mission, etc.
  • Contact information for the Church and the ability to contact the Church directly.
  • The ability to log a prayer request.

Currently, if you were to sign-in, the following additional functionality would be provided to you:

  • Your name and email address would be obtained automatically (if you sign in using Google) or manually entered (if you sign in through another mechanism) so that it can be used to auto-populate forms fields, such as that for prayer requests.
  • If you have signed in using Google, you will be able to subscribe to the Church’s YouTube channel or like their YouTube videos from directly within app.

HisChosen makes it simple to view content specific to the Church all in one place – no searching through YouTube, looking online for social pages or websites, everything is in one place and can be updated in real-time with no downtime / releases required, as is the case with static content sites.

HisChosen does not share any data externally. Your name and email address are stored to enable some of the features mentioned above. When signing in using Google, you will also need to grant the app access to a restricted “YouTube” scope. This is only to provide you with the before-mentioned channel-subscribing and video-liking features. Please view the privacy policy for more information.

Please email any questions you may have to beardedbearsoftware@gmail.com.

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